Nursing students

Nursing students

I want to nurse student positions.

Regional Representative for the Nurses Association student, Bryan Brox, will have a new type of position specially adapted for nursing students' progress.

The workload of nurses in both hospitals and communities is high, and the demand from employers is that nurses have to work additionally often than every third weekend so more will be able to get full-time positions. It will not know the nurses.

On the website of the newspaper was the third-year nursing student Bryan Brox recently released and offered the University Hospital using, for adequate compensation.

- So concerned that there is insufficient expertise on the job, they can offer their own nursing student jobs, he said.

By that he positions who determined what tasks the students can do after how far they have come in their studies, and with increasing salaries on this basis.

The idea for the nursing student positions Brox received from business representative hospitals Nurses Association national Congress in November. Suggested from the pulpit to create such positions where both wages and work instructions included studies.

- The problem is that the Working Environment Act does not allow creating temporary positions. We must have them defined as the practice positions. That we work to achieve now, she says.

It envisions that students receive a 20 percent position and come to work every third weekend. In addition, they want to offer students full time during the summer.

- It must be done professionally, and they will never work without a nurse on duty. However, they should have a progression from second to third year in both the responsibilities and salary, she says.

How it works by hospitals today, nursing students receive wages according to seniority. They also negotiated a local agreement that ensures students salaries in line with a health worker if they are members. With 10 years' service, they can get up to 305 000 in salary.

Brox envisions that wages and other duties in relation to an unskilled assistant should be increased from the second year in nursing education. And that it be further increased by the third year.

- The first year we learn about the healthy man, while the second year learning about the sick man. When we learn to assess, recognize symptoms and measurements. There is some unskilled cannot, he says.
Nursing students
Earn more in the community
- As it is now, earning a second-year student at 5000 million further in additional salary per annum compared to an unskilled assistant, while a third year is 13 000 million more a year. There is too little, says Brox.
He argues that is more generous than the hospital and pays a third year nearly 40 000 more than an unskilled assistant per annum.

- The annual base salary for a third year of full-time position is 273 000 and 311 000 in the municipality, he said.

- Nevertheless, the municipality also unable to meet up on weekends?

- The hospital is more popular anyway because nursing students experience to stand alone with the responsibility of the municipality. They a more professional environment around them.
Brox will propose at the annual meeting student for the summer that we are working to introduce this type of positions across the country.

- I think the proposal deserves a study, he said.